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Geranium 'Dusky Crg'

Geranium 'Dusky Crg'

Family:  Geraniaceae
Main Season:  Summer
Flower Colour:  Pink
Leaf Colour:  Brown/Purple/Red
Position:  Sun
Soil Type:  Dry, well drained
Height:  15cm to 30cm (6" to 12")
Pot Size:  9cm



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((Geranium x antipodeum) x (Geranium x oxonianum))

Lovely clumps of deep brown foliage studded with largish pale pink flowers with deeper veins in summer into autumn. Drained soil in full sun. 25cm.

There are a lot of brown leafed hybrid Geraniums around now but many have let gardeners down by dissappearing in the winter.  We have tried and killed a lot here too!  So, we now only offer ones that we feel are more reliable and 'Dusky Crûg' is one that has survived quite a few winters now.

The leaves are a good, rich chocolatey brown and quite large compared to many similar hybrid Geraniums, they make a decent rounded mound to 15cm high and maybe 30cm across.  As with most of these type of cranesbills, the flowers are carried on a succession of flower stems that lengthen as they age.  This means that it may be worth trimming out the older stems at the base to encourage more, shorter stems to be produced.  First flowers are usually produced in May and it will carry on flowering well into autumn.

The key to growing all these Geranium x antipodeum hybrids is to grow them in full sun, with really good drainage.  If your soil gets soggy in winter they will rot off.  They can be grown very well in containers and raised beds, gernerally they are cold tolerant, it's just the wet that causes problems.

A seedling found at Crûg Farm Plants in the late 1990s. Named 1997.

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