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Geranium thunbergii deep pink

Geranium thunbergii deep pink
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Family:  Geraniaceae
Flower Colour:  Pink
Leaf Colour:  Green
Position:  Light/Part Shade
Soil Type:  Ordinary, medium loam
Height:  45cm to 60cm (18" to 2')
Pot Size:  9cm



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A compact, deep pink flowered form of this Japanese species. Ideal for most soils in sun or shade. 30cm. Self seeding, short lived.

A potentially very useful species available in a few different forms, this is the typical form with rich green leaves and deep, fuchsia-pink flowers.  The plant makes rosettes of relatively long-stemmed leaves which are downy and matt in appearance.  From midsummer the flower stems start to appear, short to start with and extending as the season progresses.  The individual flowers are quite small, c. 12mm diameter, but you get quite a lot of them over a long season.

The most useful feature of Geranium thunbergii is down to it's ability to grow in rotten places!  We have had great success with it in dry shade and growing in very poor soil alongside a polythene tunnel.  It's a bit like a far eastern version of our native cranesbill, herb robert.  Technically perennial, we prefer to treat it as biennial or at best, a short lived-perennial.

Synonyms include: Geranium nepalense, Geranium nepalense var. thunbergii.

From northern China, Japan and various Pacific islands including Taiwan, Kuriles etc.

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