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Geraniums for Dry Shade

Geraniums for Dry Shade
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Family:  Geraniaceae
Position:  Shade
Soil Type:  Dry, well drained



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Six Hardy Geraniums that will cope with dry shade as long as there is some moisture and humus!

Many people find our large range of hardy Geraniums a little daunting so here is the chance to avoid having to make a choice!

Dry shade is always one of those problem spots that many people struggle to fill.  Some of the hardy geraniums are ideal for all but the driest, darkest shade.  The place to avoid is underneath evergreen shrubs/trees like conifers and laurel, here you will probably have to resort to gravel, bark chippings etc.

While the plants in this collection will cope in relatively dry shade please do not expect the impossible!  They are plants that naturally grow in deciduous wooded areas so they are adapted to get moisture in winter and spring, as well as better light, and then dry out and get shaded during the summer and early autumn.  They should be fine on the shady side of walls or fences as well as underneath deciduous shrubs and trees.

Improve the soil with bulky organic matter such as homemade compost, well rotted manure or composted green waste before planting and mulch after planting with something similar or with bark chips.  When planting make sure that the plants are moist first and once planted give them a good watering in, this means several litres of water per plant directly into the soil, not sprayed over with a hose but slowly poured in with a watering can.  Repeat the watering in dry spells in the first summer after planting, a soaking occasionally will be better than regular light watering as it encourages the roots to go deeper and find their own water.

Please see the individual descriptions for more information about each plant.

Please note that the actual varieties in this collection will change from time to time.

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