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Chrysosplenium macrophyllum Clone 2

Chrysosplenium macrophyllum Clone 2

Family:  Saxifragaceae
Main Season:  Winter
Flower Colour:  White
Leaf Colour:  Brown/Purple/Red
Position:  Shade
Soil Type:  Good, moist, humus-rich
Height:  Up to 15cm / 6"
Pot Size:  9cm



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This form has longer, narrower leaves of a slightly more rusty red-brown than the usual form.  The flowers are a bright creamy green with pink stamens and are produced from January to April.  Low groundcover for shade.  15cm.

As with the usual form it is best in good soil in shade that doesn't dry out too much.  It spreads a bit like a strawberry but is slow to establish unless your conditions are perfect!

From woodland in China.

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