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Geraniums for Meadow or Prairie

Geraniums for Meadow or Prairie
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Family:  Geraniaceae
Position:  Sun
Soil Type:  Ordinary, medium loam



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Six Hardy Geraniums suitable for a meadow or prairie style border or garden. Taller types suitable for a reasonable soil in sun.

To help those of you who find our wide range of hardy geraniums too much to make a decision this collection will help take the strain off!

As prairie and meadow style gardens have become more popular we are often asked which cranesbills would work mixed in with other plants like this.  Since many species are from meadows in the wild hardy geraniums can be naturally suited to this natural gardening style.  The plants in this collection are all either selected forms of meadow dwellers or hybrids of those species that grow in competition with other plants in that way.

All the hardy geranium included will grow in prepared, reasonable, soil that is not too dry or too wet and should be hardy throughout the UK, even in quite severe winters.  Please see the individual plant descriptions for more information about each variety.  No invasive types will be included but as is usually required for a meadow or prairie style garden some will self seed to naturalise throughout the planting.