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Perennials Collections

If you'd like help choosing from our range try our collections. The plants included in each collection vary continually and are always chosen on the day your order is picked out to give the most suitable plants from our current stock, we do not have fixed lists.

If you order multiples of any collections then we will normally send the same plants x the number of collections ordered.  For example, if you order 3 x 6 Front of Border, we will send you 3 plants each of 6 varieties.

Due to the nature of these collections no specific include/exclude requests are possible.

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Achillea and Stipa Collection

Achillea and Stipa Collection£10.50   £9.00

On one of his frequent trips to Wisley, Tim was particularly impressed with a lovely planting combination of Achillea 'Rose Madder' and Stipa tenuissima. We've added Achilliea 'Walther Funke' for a bit more 'zing', and hope you will agree they make a superb show.

Please see the details page for information about the varieties included.

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Easy Perennials Collection

Easy Perennials Collection£21.00   £16.50

A collection of 6 different herbaceous perennials suitable for average garden conditions in a mostly sunny position. Ideal if you're finding it hard to choose!

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Perennials for Bees, Butterflies, Hoverflies etc ...

Perennials for Bees, Butterflies, Hoverflies etc ...£22.00   £19.00

Following all the publicity for 'Plants for Pollinators', we've had a number of customers asking for our recommendations. Well, after a walk round the nursery we put together this collection of plants that seemed particularly smothered in insects at the moment...

Please look at the details page to see what is included.

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Page 1 of 1:    3 Plants