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Vinca difformis ssp. sardoa

Vinca difformis ssp. sardoa

Family:  Apocynaceae
Main Season:  Winter
Flower Colour:  Blue
Leaf Colour:  Green
Position:  Sun
Soil Type:  Ordinary, medium loam
Height:  60cm to 90cm (2' to 3')
Pot Size:  9cm



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The best Vinca for winter flower for us. Controllable groundcover and upright stems to 1m with very large light blue flowers from December to May or even all year! Sun/Shade.

Some sources say that this isn't hardy but we have had it for many years in an open, east facing, position and while it can get the tips frosted in the coldest winters it always regrows and usually carries on flowering regardless.  If you are in a very cold spot then perhaps grow it under deciduous tree or shrubs for a bit of overhead protection.

The size of the flowers on this periwinkle is quite amazing, 5-6cm is quite normal and they are a lovely light sky blue.  It's spread can be controlled by cutting off all the trails before they root in or just mowing all around a clump surrounded by lawn (or rough grass!).


Also known as Vinca sardoa (which we have sold it as before). Sardinian Vinca.

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