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Geranium 'Mavis Simpson'

Geranium 'Mavis Simpson'
 Geranium 'Mavis Simpson'Geranium 'Mavis Simpson' 

Family:  Geraniaceae
Main Season:  Summer
Flower Colour:  Pink
Leaf Colour:  Blue/grey/silver
Position:  Sun
Soil Type:  Dry, well drained
Height:  Up to 15cm / 6"
RHS Award of Garden Merit:  RHS Award of Garden Merit
Pot Size:  9cm



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A favourite of many gardeners. Evergreen rosettes overwinter become enlarged by flowering summer stems bearing masses of silvery-pink flowers till the frosts. 15cm by 1m spread. Any drained or dry soil in sun.

A lovely, long flowering plant ideally suited to the edges of border and raised beds (by steps perhaps?) or as a low groundcover under roses or other airy shrubs.  Closely allied to the Geranium x riversleianum cultivars 'Russel Prichard' and 'Jean Armour', Geranium 'Mavis SImpson' makes a good planting companion with them and enjoys the same conditions, but is perhaps a little hardier so more suitable for those in a frost pocket or in colder regions.

'Mavis Simpson' is semi-evergreen, usually retaining a resting clump of it's grey-green leaves overwinter.  In spring the clump expands and will start to produce flower in late May or early June carrying on, with extending stems, throughout the summer and into autumn.  If it gets too straggly for you, it can be cut back hard in July or August for a second, neater, flush in autumn.

Found at the Roayl Botanic Gardens Kew in 1982 and named for a member of the alpine department staff.

Has been listed as a cultivar of G. x riversleianum for many years but is now not thought to be.

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