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Geraniums for dry sun

Geraniums for dry sun
Geraniums for dry sunGeraniums for dry sunGeraniums for dry sun
Geraniums for dry sunGeraniums for dry sun
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Family:  Geraniaceae
Position:  Sun
Soil Type:  Dry, well drained



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A collection of six hardy Geraniums from our large range that will all grow in full sun and a well drained soil.

Many people find our large range of hardy Geraniums a little daunting so here is the chance to avoid having to make a choice!

The plants in this collection will all do well in a well drained, sunny spot in the garden as long as adequate soil preparation is done before planting - add plenty of humusy material such as well rotted manure, garden compost of composted green waste and dig it in.  Once you've planted add another layer of compost over the top of the whole area being careful not to bury the plants!  Water in deeply, this means putting plenty of water on, usually 10L per plant initially (this may need to be watered on over an hour or so to prevent it all running off).  Then, if the weather is dry for a prolonged period, be ready to give them another watering as before.  This will encourage the plants to make deep, drought resistant, roots whereas daily light watering keeps the top soil damp and encourages shallow roots which will suffer in a drought.

Please see the individual descriptions for more information about each plant.

Please note that the actual varieties in this collection will change from time to time.

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