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All Other Grasses

ALL the rest that didn't fit into the other catagories! It's amazing just how many you collect when you get started...

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Hierochloe odorata

Hierochloe odorata£4.00

Holy or Vanilla Grass - so called because of the sweet scent from crushed or cut foliage and roots - good for strewing on the floor! Creeping tussocks of fresh green leaves and warm brownish flowers to 60cm. Average soil in sun.

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Holcus mollis 'Albovariegatus'

Holcus mollis 'Albovariegatus'£4.00

Very pretty mats of cream and pink variegated foliage, very soft to the touch. Dainty flowers in summer. Average to dry soil in sun or part shade. 30cm.

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Juncus pallidus

Juncus pallidus£5.00

A fantastic giant rush useful as a foliage accent in a range of places in the garden as it doesn't require particularly damp soil. Greyish green leaves to 1.8m.

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Koeleria macrantha

Koeleria macrantha£4.00

A rarely seen native grass making neat clumps of grey leaves and upright stems of dense spikes of flower in summer to 20cm. Good drainage in sun, preferring chalky soil.

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Koeleria vallesiana 'Mountain Breeze'

Koeleria vallesiana 'Mountain Breeze'£4.00

A delicate form with fine greyish green leaves and stocky stems topped with golden green flowers to 25cm. Drained soil in sun, not acid.

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Leymus sp. ex. Falklands

Leymus sp. ex. Falklands£4.00

Similar, but different, to L. arenarius with bright grey foliage, this is shorter, less arching and not quite so invasive! 50cm. Well drained sunny position.

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Luzula nivea

Luzula nivea£4.00

Clumps of dark green leaves with silvery hairy margins. Creamy silver fluffy flowers in spring to 60cm. Excellent evergreen for shady borders.

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Luzula sylvatica 'Mariusz'

Luzula sylvatica 'Mariusz'£4.00

Evergreen groundcover for shade, even quite dry. Slowly spreading, low clumps of broad grassy leaves and tassel-like flowers of golden brown in spring and early summer to 45cm.

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Melica altissima 'Atropurpurea'

Melica altissima 'Atropurpurea'£4.00

A woodland edge/clearing specialist this clump forming ornamental grass grows upright to 90cm topped with spikes of purple downward swept flowers in spring and summer.

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Melica ciliata

Melica ciliata£4.00

Clumps of fine greyish foliage and arching stems topped with pretty tawny buff flowers to 30cm from early summer. Drained soil in full sun. Will self seed a little in gravel.

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Melica persica

Melica persica£4.00

Pretty golden buff spikes on wiry stems from tidy clumps of neat green foliage all summer. Lovely fluffy seedheads as they go over. Drained soil in sun, even quite dry. 30cm.

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Melica uniflora 'Variegata'

Melica uniflora 'Variegata'£4.50

The rarely seen variegated form of this enchanting woodland grass makes neat clumps that may slowly spread if it's happy. Otherwise it's slow! Good soil that doesn't dry out in shade. 20cm.

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Melica uniflora f. albida

Melica uniflora f. albida£4.00

Neat clumps of semi-evergreen leaves and arching stems of ivory coloured flowers and seeds from mid spring. Decent soil in shade for the best effect. Typically to 30cm.

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Milium effusum 'Yaffle'

Milium effusum 'Yaffle'£4.00

A lovely form of Wood Millet with soft green leaves lightened by a butter yellow stripe down the centre of each blade. Typical yellowish green arching flowers to 75cm in spring. Shade, average soil.

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Oryzopsis miliacea

Oryzopsis miliacea£4.50

Clumps of upright stems with few, fresh green leaves topped with masses of airy whorled flowers from midsummer. Best in a good soil and it will be best out of the wind but it's not essential. 1.2m. Hardy.

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Pennisetum 'Fairy Tails'

Pennisetum 'Fairy Tails'£5.50

Recent P. orientale hybrid from John Greenlee. Upright clumps of foliage topped with masses of tail-like feathery spikes to 1m. Drained soil in full sun.

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Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Weserbergland'

Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Weserbergland'£5.50

An older German selection with a dwarf habit and a good display of light flowers that turn to a warm buff for autumn and winter. Clumps of rich green, arching leaves. Deciduous to 60cm, good soil in full sun is best.

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Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Woodside'

Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Woodside'£4.50

A good reliable form for the UK where it will flower well most years. Clumps of arching foliage and spikes of light flowers which turn buff. Best in good soil in sun. 75cm.

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Pennisetum macrourum

Pennisetum macrourum£5.00

Amazing long tapers of buff flowers on wiry stems to 2.4m from midsummer till the first frosts. Well drained soil in full sun or grow in a large pot and take in for the winter in cold areas.

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Pennisetum orientale 'Robustum'

Pennisetum orientale 'Robustum'£5.00

A more vigorous form, earlier to flower and with broader, grey-green leaves. Tail-like flowers start pinkish grey before turning a rich buff. Hardy in a sheltered sunny place with good drainage. 1m.

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Pennisetum orientale 'Tall Tails'

Pennisetum orientale 'Tall Tails'£5.50

A good strong, hardy, form of this deciduous species producing dense spikes of pinkish buff flowers all summer to 1.5m. Much more vigorous than the species, forms a clump.

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Pennisetum thunbergii 'Red Buttons'

Pennisetum thunbergii 'Red Buttons'£6.50

Brilliant red bobble flowers attract the eye from a distance on this loosely clump forming species for drained soil in a warm sunny spot. Bright green foliage. 60cm.

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Pennisetum villosum

Pennisetum villosum£6.50

Low clumps of greyish foliage and masses of over-the-top creamy caterpillar-like flowers from midsummer till the frosts. Well drained soil in sun. 45cm.

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Phaenosperma globosa

Phaenosperma globosa£5.00

Wide green leaves backed grey form a fountain of growth from which spring strong stems bearing unusual flowers. Looks like ball bearings on a delicate frame. 1.5m. Excellent. Sun or shade, average soil.

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Phalaris arundinacea var. picta 'Streamlined'

Phalaris arundinacea var. picta 'Streamlined'£4.00

Much finer variegation than the common form. This has fine white stripes often tinted pink. 1m.

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Page 2 of 3:    56 Plants