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Campanula rapunculoides 'Alba'

Campanula rapunculoides 'Alba'
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Family:  Campanulaceae
Main Season:  Summer
Flower Colour:  White
Leaf Colour:  Green
Position:  Sun
Soil Type:  Ordinary, medium loam
Height:  60cm to 90cm (2' to 3')
Pot Size:  9cm



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Rarely seen better behaved white form of this rampaging thug - it is safe to plant!  Slender spires of white bell flowers in summer to 75cm.  Any soil, not too wet in sun or light shade.

Long flowering, June to August, and will keep on going if you cut out the spent stems as they go over.

For those who are familiar with the normal blue form of Campanula rapunculoides, this could almost be a different species as it is considerably less vigorous.  In the Royal Horticultural Society AGM trial (2011-2013) it make a congested clump!

Try growing Campanula rapunculoides 'Alba' in a dryish shady border with other white flowers and evergreen foliage like Luzula and Disporopsis for a clasy, cool look.

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