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Trillium chloropetalum

Trillium chloropetalum

Family:  Melanthiaceae
Main Season:  Spring
Flower Colour:  Red
Leaf Colour:  Multicoloured
Foliage:  Spring ephemeral
Position:  Light/Part Shade
Soil Type:  Good, moist, humus-rich
Height:  15cm to 30cm (6" to 12")
Peat Free?  Yes
Hardiness Guide:  RHS H5 minimum -10C to -15C
Pot Size:  9cm



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The easiest species I've found here in Norfolk with well marked leaves and rich maroon red flowers in spring to 30cm. Good, rich leafy soil in shade.

This form came from the famed Washfield Nursery where it was labelled "good form" and we only propagate by division, each young plant needing 2-3 years to flower when growing well.

Many Trillium species can be difficult to grow well here in the dry east of England but having grown Trillium chloropetalum since the mid 1990s I can say that this species is "relatively easy"!  The main task is to find a planting position where the soil will remain somewhat moist all summer, at least some shade is best but not too dark!  It is perfectly hardy.

From generally wooded places, with soils that don't dry out, along the coastal parts of California, USA.