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We grow a wide range of perennials including a comprehensive range of Hardy Geraniums and lots of good Ornamental Grasses, not to forget the large number of new, rare and unusual herbaceous perennials, especially those for shade/woodland. Please use the Refine options on the left or the Plant Selector to help choose, or the Search box at the top of every page to find specific plants, or just enjoy browsing!

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Oxalis hirta 'Gothenburg'

Oxalis hirta 'Gothenburg'£4.00

A lovely bulbous type from the Cape of South Africa with greyish green, finely divided foliage on stems to 20cm topped with big pink flowers in summer. Drained soil in a sunny spot.

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Oxalis semiloba

Oxalis semiloba£4.50

Rare species collected in Lesotho, clump forming from bulbs with bright green three lobed leaves and masses of funnel shaped terracotta pink flowers in summer and autumn. Drained soil in full sun. 15cm.

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Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross'

Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross'£4.00

Clump forming tuberous species with four-leaf clover style leaves with a dark brown centre. Masses of brick pink flowers in spring and summer to 15cm. Well drained soil in full sun, or a container to take in for winter.

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Paeonia ludlowii

Paeonia ludlowii£5.00

A beautiful golden yellow flowered shrubby species from Tibet reliably produces a good show of flowers in late spring to 1.5m. Best in good soil in light/part shade.

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Panicum bulbosum

Panicum bulbosum£4.00

A clump forming perennial grass with bulbous roots, greyish foliage and sprays of red tinted flowers in summer to 75cm. Drained soil in sun.

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Panicum virgatum 'Cheyenne Sky'

Panicum virgatum 'Cheyenne Sky'£5.00

A recent introduction with striking greyish foliage that turns purplish red in late summer with clouds of fine red flowers above. Clump forming for good soil in full sun. 1.2m.

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Panicum virgatum 'Dallas Blues'

Panicum virgatum 'Dallas Blues'£5.00

Recent introduction from the USA. Broad blue-grey foliage and pinkish flowers to 1.8m+. Very upright habit and super yellow autumn foliage colour turns warm buff throughout winter. Average soil in sun.

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Panicum virgatum 'Emerald Chief'

Panicum virgatum 'Emerald Chief'£4.00

A recent selection with an upright habit and sprays of open pinkish red flowers and good autumn foliage colour. Average to good soil in full sun. 1.2m.

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Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky'

Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky'£4.50

Bright blue-grey foliage and reddish flowers to 1.2m. Choice.

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Panicum virgatum 'Straight Cloud'

Panicum virgatum 'Straight Cloud'£5.00

New form with grey foliage and clouds of open flowers to ?1.5m in autumn. Drained soil in sun.

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Papaver cambricum 'Frances Perry'

Papaver cambricum 'Frances Perry'£4.00

Bright reddish orange flowers on this lovely form of Welsh Poppy. An easy, long lived perennial that will gently self seed in gaps. Happiest in cool shady places but adaptable to a wide range of conditions! 45cm.

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Pelargonium 'Ashby'

Pelargonium 'Ashby'£4.00

TENDER Scented. AGM Chunky foliage and enormous bright pink flowers with darker, near black, feathered markings from early spring through summer. Impressive! 40cm.

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Pelargonium 'Bird Dancer'

Pelargonium 'Bird Dancer'£4.00

TENDER Dwarf Stellar. AGM A compact plant with brown marked leaves and a good display of bright salmon pink flowers well above the foliage. Protect from frost. 25cm.

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Pelargonium 'Lara Starshine'

Pelargonium 'Lara Starshine'£4.00

TENDER AGM Scented. Glowing coral pink flowers on a neat bushy plant. One of the first to flower with us. Makes a very pretty container plant. Protect from frost. 40cm.

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Pelargonium 'Red Robin'

Pelargonium 'Red Robin'£4.00

TENDER Scented. Brick red flowers with dark markings on the upper petals on this lovely low growing form with well divided leaves. 25cm.

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Pelargonium 'Rober's Lemon Rose'

Pelargonium 'Rober's Lemon Rose'£4.00

TENDER SCENTED A vigorous upright grower with greyish leaves with unusual, fairly random lobing. Strong rose scent - no lemon to my nose! Occasional pale pink flowers. 45cm.

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Pelargonium 'Royal Oak'

Pelargonium 'Royal Oak'£4.00

TENDER SCENTED AGM. An upright bushy form with oak-shaped leaves with a strong brown mark in the centre of the young leaves. Pale pink flowers with darker marks. 30cm.

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Pelargonium acetosum

Pelargonium acetosum£6.00

TENDER Wonderful grey succulent leaves with scalloped margins and a good display of clear salmon pink, narrow petalled, flowers all summer. Protect from frost. Semi-trailing habit.

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Pelargonium australe pink form

Pelargonium australe pink form£4.00

TENDER A rosette forming species from Australia and New Zealand, this form with pink flowers. Keep frost free.

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Pelargonium cordifolium

Pelargonium cordifolium£6.00

TENDER Species with upright shrubby growth and distinct grey, downy cordate leaves. Heads of large flowers are pink with darker veining. Excellent. 1m.

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Pelargonium denticulatum 'Filicifolium'

Pelargonium denticulatum 'Filicifolium'£4.00

TENDER Unusual bright green leaves that are very finely cut almost to a skeletal appearance. Upright shrubby habit with clusters of pale pink flowers with purplish red markings. 60cm.

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Pelargonium papilionaceum

Pelargonium papilionaceum£6.00

TENDER Big soft green, strongly scented, leaves and clusters of orchid-like pink flowers mostly in spring. Good for foliage and the flowers are pretty. 1m.

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Pelargonium tetragonum

Pelargonium tetragonum£4.00

TENDER An unusual succulent species with anglular stems, few leaves (but they are well marked brown) and super, orchid-like pale pink flowers with crimson centres. Cascading habit.

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Pelargonium tomentosum

Pelargonium tomentosum£6.00

TENDER AGM Delightful big soft hairy leaves with a strong peppermint scent when touched and clouds of tiny white flowers in spring and early summer. 1m.

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Pennisetum 'Fairy Tails'

Pennisetum 'Fairy Tails'£6.00

Recent P. orientale hybrid from John Greenlee. Upright clumps of foliage topped with masses of tail-like feathery spikes to 1m. Drained soil in full sun.

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Page 17 of 24:    600 Plants