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Lonicera involucrata var. ledebourii

Lonicera involucrata var. ledebourii

Family:  Caprifoliaceae
Main Season:  Spring
Flower Colour:  Yellow
Leaf Colour:  Green
Foliage:  Deciduous
Position:  Sun
Soil Type:  Ordinary, medium loam
Height:  Over 2.4m / 8'
Peat Free?  Not yet
Hardiness Guide:  RHS H6 minimum -15C to -20C
Pot Size:  3L



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A lovely shrubby honeysuckle with warm orange-yellow flowers from glowing reddish calyces in spring and early summer followed by shiny black berries. Deciduous, ordinary soil in sun or shade. 3m in 10 years or can be pruned.

Upright bushy habit and quite large somewhat hairy leaves give this shrubby honeysuckle a "big shrub" look.  We've found it pretty much indestructable in a fairly dry shady position where it's right next to a big Pseudosasa japonica (bamboo).

The flowers often start to open before the leaves but are still clearly displayed once the shrub is fully leafed up.  Once the flowers have gone the red calyces are retained to cup the glossy black berries to provide another season of interest.

Easy, very hardy, tough, and it can be pruned hard if need be.  Pruning would normally be limited to removing old, twiggy, damaged etc stems as low down as possible.

From California and Oregon in the USA.