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We grow a range of interesting shrubby plants including many from the Caprifoliaceae.  A lot of the shrubs we grow will work very well when grown mixed into the herbaceous perennials and grasses that we grow in a naturalistic style and some can be pruned hard in spring to give fresh, whippy growth each year to keep their size down.  Feel free to ask for pruning advice on any of them as most have several options.


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Atriplex halimus

Atriplex halimus£6.00

An attractive evergreen shrub with brilliant silver foliage and insignificant greenish flowers. Drained soil in sun, salt tolerant. Loved by Goldfinch! 2m or prune to size. Very hardy and easy.

Buddleja davidii 'Santana'

Buddleja davidii 'Santana'£4.50

Beautiful creamy gold-yellow margins to the foliage and spikes of bright reddish purple flowers on this compact form. Quite slow, to perhaps 1.5m? Drained soil in full sun.

Buddleja x weyeriana 'Bicolor'

Buddleja x weyeriana 'Bicolor'£6.50

syn. 'Flower Power'. An exceptional hybrid from the USA. Light purple and yellow-orange flowers in quite long spikes from mid-summer till autumn. Strong. 2.4m. Hardy.

Calycanthus occidentalis£6.50

A leafy, deciduous bush/shrub to about 3m after a few years. Unusual red flowers in summer, they look artificial! Scented with an attractive spicy aroma. Drained soil in sun.

Cayratia thomsonii BWJ8123£5.00

A fantastic climber from Sichaun, China. Purple flushed 5 lobed leaves on a self-clinging climber. Fairly insignificant flowers should be followed by black berries. Brilliant scarlet autumn foliage. Average soil in sun seems ok.

Cornus alba 'Kesselringii'

Cornus alba 'Kesselringii'£5.00

A stunning form of Dogwood with very dark blackish winter stems, purple flushed spring foliage, white flowers and berries followed by another display of purple foliage in autumn! Upright habit to 2.5m unpruned but can be cut back every 2-3 years to a stump


Diervilla sessilifolia

Diervilla sessilifolia£4.50

A pretty American shrub with bronze tinted green foliage and terminal clusters of pale yellow flowers in summer and autumn. Good autumn colour too. Suckering but well behaved. 1.2m. Ordinary soil in sun or light shade.


Diervilla x splendens£6.00

A very pretty deciduous shrub with bronzed foliage and racemes of soft yellow flowers from mid/late spring. Can be cut to size but will get to 2.4m unpruned. Average soil in sun.

Gomphostigma virgatum£5.00

A splendid recent introduction this small shrub has bright silver lanceolate foliage and cup shaped white flowers from mid-summer. Prune in spring. Good soil in sun. 1m.

Hedera helix 'Erecta'

Hedera helix 'Erecta'£6.50

An unusual, upright growing, free-standing shrubby ivy. Ornamental silvery veined foliage on stems to 50cm. Ordinary soil in sun or shade.


Hedera helix 'Silver Ferny'£4.50

A delightful miniature ivy with white variegated foliage. 20cm. Probably best in at least part shade.

Hydrangea paniculata 'Bokraflame' Magical Candle£6.00

Recent introduction with good heads of green-white flowers that age to an amazing pinkish red. Flowers on current seasons growth. 1.5m. PBR.

Lonicera maackii

Lonicera maackii£10.50

We are very pleased to have this stunning shrubby honeysuckle available to sell this year. Cream flowers in early summer and masses of glistening red berries on the bare stems in autumn and winter. Limited numbers available.

Lonicera nitida 'Lemon Beauty'£4.00

Pretty lemon yellow margins to the small dark green leaves on this useful evergreen shrub. Makes a low mounded plant to about 60cm high and 1m across but can be pruned to shape. Sun or shade, average soil.

Lonicera nitida 'Tidy Tips'£4.50

Neat compact bushes of tiny green leaves, new growth tinted bronze. Ideal replacement for box. Ordinary soil in sun or shade. Clip to size or perhaps to 1m if unpruned.


Physocarpus opulifolius 'Lady in Red'

Physocarpus opulifolius 'Lady in Red'£5.50

A very bright and attractive foliage shrub with rich red leaves, brightest on the new growth. Rounded heads of white flowers followed by russet seed capsules later on. Can be pruned to size but will grow to 2.4m. Ordinary soil in sun. Easy and hardy.

Salix x sepulcralis 'Dart's Snake'

Salix x sepulcralis 'Dart's Snake'£5.00

A rather different "contorted willow" with attractive greyish bark. A good doer in the garden making a compact headed tree to 4-5m. Works well if bi-annually pollarded to 2m. Any soil in sun.

Salix x sepulcralis 'Erythroflexuosa'

Salix x sepulcralis 'Erythroflexuosa'£5.00

An upright contorted willow with brilliant orange winter stems. More vigorous than older twisted types but it doesn't get huge. Can be coppiced to provide lots of fresh growth. 6m.

Salvia 'Trellisick'

Salvia 'Trellisick'£4.00

Glowing creamy yellow flowers on dense bushy plants to 50cm. May to the first frosts. Hardy in a sheltered position in full sun and drained soil.

Sambucus ebulus

Sambucus ebulus£7.50

A rarely seen European herbaceous elderberry. Upright stems clad with fresh green pinnate leaves and topped with heads of creamy white flowers followed by black berries.


Sambucus nigra 'Eva' Black Lace£6.00

A stunning form with deeply cut, blackish foliage and contrasting pinkish white flowers. Best in sun for the leaf colour. Will make a shrub to 3m in time, or you can prune it back in late winter. CPVR.

Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor Gold'

Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor Gold'£6.00

A new form with sunshine yellow foliage tinted coppery red especially in autumn. White flowers in summer. Ordinary soil in sun.

Weigela 'Bokrashine' Naomi Campbell£6.50

An excellent recent introduction with deep purple-brown foliage and startling pinkish red flowers. Compact growth to c. 75cm. Ordinary soil in sun.

Weigela 'Ruby Anniversary'£4.50

Dusky chocolate green foliage smothered with masses of pinkish ruby red tubular flowers in late spring and early summer. Bushy shrub to 90cm. Ordinary soil in full sun for the best foliage colour.

Weigela 'Victoria'£4.50

A compact shrub with chocolate brown flushed foliage and masses of rich pink tubular flowers in late spring/early summer. Average soil in sun. 1m.

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Page 1 of 2:    27 Items