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A mix of hardy herbaceous and borderline hardy sub-shrubby ones. We just grow the ones we like and grow well for us!

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Salvia 'Trellisick'

Salvia 'Trellisick'£4.00

Glowing creamy yellow flowers on dense bushy plants to 50cm. May to the first frosts. Hardy in a sheltered position in full sun and drained soil.

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Salvia chamelaeagnea

Salvia chamelaeagnea£3.50

A bushy upright subshrub. Evergreen in a sheltered site, with spikes of blue-purple and white flowers in summer to 60cm. New to us so not sure on hardiness but it survived -16 with minimal protection!

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Salvia guaranitica 'Argentine Skies'£5.00

Rarely seen pale blue flowered form of this tropical looking hardy species. Upright growth with deep green foliage and generous spikes of flowers from mid-summer. Good soil with a deep mulch, sun. 1.2m.

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Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna'

Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna'£3.50

Neat upright bushy plants with deep blue flowers on dark, blackish stems. Hardy perennial for drained soil in full sun. 40cm.

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Salvia uliginosa

Salvia uliginosa£4.50

Wands of mint-like growth are topped with bright blue flowers in autumn. Hardy if planted deeply and mulched in most areas. Moist soil in sun. 1.5m.

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Salvia verticillata 'Hannay's Purple'

Salvia verticillata 'Hannay's Purple'£3.00

A very pretty form with denim blue flowers in big purple bracted spikes giving a good show long after each flower has fallen. Makes a fairly big clump in time to 30cm high. Ordinary soil in sun.

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Page 1 of 1:    6 Items