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Well behaved types mostly for shade and a good soil though they are flexible! Some can be summer dormant in hot dry weather so don't worry that they've died and mind that hoe...

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Corydalis 'Craigton Blue'£4.00

A new hybrid between C. eleata and C. flexuosa with mid green leaves and brilliant electric blue flowers on red stems. Strongly sweet scented flowering in late spring and early summer. Good soil in shade. 30cm.

Corydalis 'Spinners'

Corydalis 'Spinners'£3.50

(C. elata x C. flexuosa) The first of these hybrids this is a good tough plant. More or less evergreen, fresh green foliage produces upright stems topped with big heads of bright blue, scented flowers in mid-late spring. 50cm. Good soil in shade.

Corydalis 'Tory MP'£3.50

Another C. elata x C. flexuosa hybrid, this one no doubt claiming to be true blue! Fresh green foliage and heads of bright blue flowers in spring. 50cm. Good soil in shade.

Corydalis elata 'Blue Summit'£3.50

Tidy clumps of bright green foliage and heads of scented electric blue flowers to 35cm. Much easier to grow than the usual form of C. elata. Good, leafy, moist soil in shade to do well.

Corydalis flexuosa 'Blue Panda'£3.50

Fresh green foliage and brilliant electric blue flowers. A bit more compact than some others. Good, drained but moist soil in shade. 25cm.


Corydalis flexuosa 'Père David'£3.50

Brilliant blue flowers for weeks in spring. Pretty water repellent foliage, stays where you put it. Summer dormant - sometimes! 45cm. Easy in humusy soil in light shade.


Corydalis flexuosa 'Purple Leaf'£4.00

One of the 3 forms introduced by Compton, D'arcy and Rix in the early 1990s this electric blue flowered form has red-purple stined foliage and dusky purplish buds before the flowers emerge. Spring flowering, summer dormant woodlander which re-grows in autumn. Hardy. 30cm.

Corydalis flexuosa Norman's Seedling£3.50

Bright blue flowers with a smoky flush for weeks in spring. Not quite so vigorous as ‘Pere David’ but a more subtle colour. 30cm.

Corydalis solida 'Dieter Schacht'

Corydalis solida 'Dieter Schacht'£4.50

Beautiful early spring flowers in a clear rich pink on this tuberous Corydalis for a woodland border. Sweetly scented on warm days. Very hardy but best out of cold winds. 15cm.


Page 1 of 1:    9 Items