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New Plants

For those who need the new plants here are the 25 most recently added plants. Not necessarily new but just new to the website, or sometimes a plant we haven't had available for some time.

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Linaria vulgaris f. peloria

Linaria vulgaris f. peloria£4.00

An intriguing and beautiful abberant form of a British native. Willowy stems of grey foliage and lemon yellow flowers in summer. Instead of the normal toadflax flower this has a rounded tube with 5 spurs. Drained soil in sun, 30cm, spreading.

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Ipheion uniflorum ssp. tandiliense

Ipheion uniflorum ssp. tandiliense£3.50

Bluish white spring flowers with darker purplish blue shading and stripe. Neat, tidy greyish green foliage emerges in autumn and looks good all winter. Hardy, 15cm.

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Iris 'Berlin Tiger'

Iris 'Berlin Tiger'£4.00

Probably a hybrid of I. pseudacorus this makes dense clumps of foliage to 80cm. Masses of pale yellow flowers with fine brown netting in early summer.

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Polystichum tsussimense

Polystichum tsussimense£5.00

An attractive, very compact, evergreen fern with finely divided fronds to 30cm. Best in a reasonably sheltered shady spot, doesn't seem too fussy about soil.

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Symphyotrichum laeve 'Glow in the Dark'

Symphyotrichum laeve 'Glow in the Dark'£4.00

An outstanding recent introduction with purple flushed deep green leaves and heads of light pink flowers in autumn to 1.5m. Reasonably self-supporting!

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Liriope muscari

Liriope muscari£6.00

Clumps of strappy evergreen leaves and spikes of purple flowers in autumn to 30cm. A good form. Decent soil in sun or shade.

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Nonea lutea

Nonea lutea£3.50

A rarely seen hardy biennial that will self-seed to make a sustaining patch. Pale yellow Pulmonaria-like flowers in spring. For drained soil in sun. 20cm.

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Olearia solandri

Olearia solandri£5.00

Upright growing New Zealand evergreen shrub with golden orange stems and olive leaves. Masses of tiny white daisy flowers in summer. Can be pruned to size, otherwise 2m+. Hardy in sunny drained position.

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Iris attica yellow flowered

Iris attica yellow flowered£4.50

A lovely little bearded type Iris for the rockery, sink or alpine house. Very low growing, to 10cm, pale lemon yellow flowers in early spring. Good drainage in full sun.

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Solidago x luteus 'Lemore'

Solidago x luteus 'Lemore'£3.50

Quite unlike the common Goldenrods, this low growing, bushy plant is topped with sprays of fluffy lemon yellow flowers in summer and autumn. Ordinary soil in sun. 60cm.

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Bergenia 'Claire Maxine'

Bergenia 'Claire Maxine'£4.00

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Centaurea montana 'Lady Flora Hastings'

Centaurea montana 'Lady Flora Hastings'£3.50

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Geranium x oxonianum 'Irene Hatwell'

Geranium x oxonianum 'Irene Hatwell'£3.50

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Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Foxtrot'

Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Foxtrot'£5.00

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Pennisetum thunbergii 'Red Buttons'

Pennisetum thunbergii 'Red Buttons'£4.00

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Geranium 'Anne Thomson'

Geranium 'Anne Thomson'£4.50

(Geranium procurrens x Geranium psilostemon) AGM Similar to G. 'Ann Folkard' with golden foliage and magenta flowers but more compact. 50cm. Sun or light shade, ordinary soil.

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Geranium 'Jean Armour'

Geranium 'Jean Armour'£4.00

Very similar to Geranium 'Mavis Simpson' this hybrid has pale pink flowers with veins on the back. Low growing clumps with trailing summer flower stems. Drained soil in sun. 15cm by 1m spread.

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Miscanthus sinensis 'China'

Miscanthus sinensis 'China'£7.50

Brilliant shining red flowers to 1.5m. Distinctive olive green foliage. Average to good soil in sun.

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Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna'

Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna'£4.00

Neat upright bushy plants with deep blue flowers on dark, blackish stems. Hardy perennial for drained soil in full sun. 40cm.

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Veronicastrum virginicum 'Fascination'

Veronicastrum virginicum 'Fascination'£4.00

Clumps of upright stems with willowy leaves produce branched, tapering spires of lavender flowers from midsummer. The spikes have a habit of wandering as they grow - hence the name. Average soil in sun. 1.5m.

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Alcea rosea 'Halo White'£4.00

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Corydalis omeiensis

Corydalis omeiensis£4.00

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Eryngium planum£4.00

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Malva alcea var. fastigiata£3.50

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Persicaria virginiana 'Lance Corporal'£4.00

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