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Not just the typical Michaelmas Daisy, we offer others with more interest. Many of the less common species are more or less mildew free and a better, moister soil will help with all species. A very varied family but recent changes to naming will soon see some moved to other families (when I believe them!).

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Aster 'Kylie'

Aster 'Kylie'£3.50

An easy, reliable and tough hybrid (A. novae-angliae x A. ericoides) with arching stems carrying large sprays of thousands of small pink flowers in late summer and autumn. Best cascading down a slope or over a wall. 50cm. Sun.

Aster 'Les Moutiers'

Aster 'Les Moutiers'£3.50

A brilliant recent introduction from France with dark stems and clouds of good, pink flowers in autumn. Similar to 'Little Carlow' in habit and flower. Good soil in sun. 1m.

Aster 'Little Carlow'

Aster 'Little Carlow'£4.50

AGM. Clumps of upright, branching stems with masses of lavender flowers in autumn. Dark stems and foliage contrast well. 1m Average soil in sun or part shade.

Aster 'Octendgloren'

Aster 'Octendgloren'£3.50

Good soil in sun. 1m.

Aster 'Orchidee'£3.50

Clumps of fressh green foliage with sprays of pure white flowers in autumn to 60cm. A very fresh, clean looking plant. Mildew free in good soil in sun. Very popular!

Aster ageratoides 'Asran'

Aster ageratoides 'Asran'£5.00

Spreading clumps of wand-like stems with incised dark green leaves topped with generous heads of very pale lavender blue flowers in summer. Average soil in sun. 60cm.


Aster ageratoides 'Starshine'

Aster ageratoides 'Starshine'£4.50

Stunning clear white flowers with yellow centres in autumn on wand-like stems to 45cm. Unusual foliage for an Aster. Makes a spreading patch but doesn't take over! Average soil in sun or part shade. PBR

Aster amellus 'Rosa Erfüllung'

Aster amellus 'Rosa Erfüllung'£3.00

syn. 'Pink Zenith' Crystal clear pink flowers in summer on dark green leaved plants to 45cm. Well drained soil in full sun.

Aster amellus 'Rudolf Goethe'

Aster amellus 'Rudolf Goethe'£4.00

Clump forming perennial with deep lavender-blue flowers in autumn. Upright stems to 45cm. Drained soil in full sun.

Aster amellus 'Veilchenkönigin'

Aster amellus 'Veilchenkönigin'£4.00

Glistening purple flowers on leafy stems to 45cm. Clump forming, best in a drained soil in full sun. Flowers late summer to autumn.

Aster cordifolius ex. Piney Fork

Aster cordifolius ex. Piney Fork£4.50

Collected from a site destined for development! Branching stems bearing lots of lavender-blue flowers in late summer and autumn. 1m.


Aster diplostephoides

Aster diplostephoides£3.50

Upright stems bearing several large lavender flowers to 45cm. Drained soil in full sun.


Aster divaricatus

Aster divaricatus£3.00

An unusual Aster with its shiny green leaves, black stems and masses of small white flowers with yellow centres that rapidly turn pink - and it likes shade! Low clumps to 60cm, flowers midsummer. Any reasonable soil in shade or part shade.

Aster foliaceus ex. Montana

Aster foliaceus ex. Montana£3.00

Upright stems of dark foliage topped with mauve blue flowers in late summer. Easy and tough. 50cm.

Aster lateriflorus var. horizontalis£3.50

Aster macrophyllus 'Albus'

Aster macrophyllus 'Albus'£4.00

Heads of relatively large white flowers over clumps of large pale green leaves. Summer to autumn flowering, to 60cm. Ordinary soil in sun or light shade.

Aster novae-angliae 'Bishop Colenso'

Aster novae-angliae 'Bishop Colenso'£4.50

Semi-double flowers of a rich purple on this form named for a former Norfolk resident. Average soil in sun. 75cm.

Aster novi-belgii 'Jenny'

Aster novi-belgii 'Jenny'£3.00

A dwarf form with luminous purple-pink flowers in September-October. Does best in good soil with plenty of moisture. 35cm.

Aster novi-belgii 'Kristina'

Aster novi-belgii 'Kristina'£3.00

Clumps of deep green foliage and lovely brilliant white flowers often tinged pinkish in autumn. Quite short to about 35cm. Good soil in sun.

Aster pyrenaeus 'Lutetia'£3.50

Aster radula

Aster radula£3.50

A compact plant with stocky stems topped with sprays of lavender purple flowers in mid-late summer. Makes a small patch and grows to about 35cm high. Drained soil in sun.

Aster schreberi

Aster schreberi£3.50

Superficially similar to A. divaricatus in flower. Loose clumps of large green leaves and branched stems to 50cm. Largish white flowers in summer, earlier than A. divaricatus. Shade or part shade, average soil.

Aster sedifolius£3.50

Aster stracheyi£3.50

Rarely seen this little Aster species makes neat rosettes of fresh green foliage and masses of white daisies on wiry stems in summer to 30cm. Drained soil in sun.

Aster umbellatus

Aster umbellatus£3.50

Clumps of tall wand-like stems clothed with narrow leaves and topped with heads of smallish white flowers in autumn. Excellent for mixing with Panicums etc. 1.2m. Ordinary soil in sun.

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