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ALL of the Ornamental Grasses that we grow!

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Alopecurus borealis ssp. glaucus

Alopecurus borealis ssp. glaucus£3.00

One of the best grey leafed grasses and it has good flowers too! Low patches of fine, powdery grey foliage and slender stems bearing foxy foxtails in spring. Drained soil in sun. 30cm.

Alopecurus pratensis 'Aureovariegatus'

Alopecurus pratensis 'Aureovariegatus'£3.50

Clumps of bright yellow foliage with narrow green stripes produce tall stems with foxtail flowers in spring. Ordinary soil in full sun, not too dry. 60cm.

Alopecurus pratensis 'No Overtaking'£4.00

Green foliage with bold white stripes down the centre of each leaf. Very pretty in flower, 40cm.Cut back after flowering.


Anemanthele lessoniana

Anemanthele lessoniana£4.00

syn. Stipa arundinacea - New Zealand Wind Grass. Green foliage tinted orange and red in late summer and autumn. Wispy flowers form a cloud above the foliage in late summer. 1m. Not dry.


Arrhenatherum elatius var. bulbosum 'Variegatum'£3.00

Neat little clumps of boldly white variegated foliage to 25cm and upright flowers to about 50cm. Best in well drained soil in sun or part shade. Easy, very hardy and well-behaved.


Arundo donax 'Golden Chain'

Arundo donax 'Golden Chain'£6.50

Spectacular yellow variegated foliage on this recent introduction. It is as hardy as the more familiar A. d. var. versicolor.. 3.5m. Good soil in a warm position.


Arundo formosana

Arundo formosana£6.50

A rarely seen hardy reed from Taiwan this makes tall clumps of woody stems clothed with tropical looking greyish-green foliage to 2m. Branching habit and arching with age. For good to wet soil in a sheltered position.

Bothriochloa bladhii

Bothriochloa bladhii£4.00

A clump forming grass with greyish, slightly hairy foliage and heads of silky flowers that start metallic red and fade to tawny buff. For full sun and well drained soil. May not be fully hardy in cold areas but is easy to keep in a cold greenhouse or sheltered corner.

Brachypodium pinnatum

Brachypodium pinnatum£3.50

An unusual British native making loose clumps of light green foliage and arching stems of golden-green flowers in summer. Moist to dry soil in part shade is ideal! 40cm.

Briza media 'Limouzi'

Briza media 'Limouzi'£3.50

A much improved selection of the Perennial Quaking Grass with rich blue-green leaves and larger purplish flowers to 45cm. Best in morning sun where the light catches the dew on it!


Briza subaristata

Briza subaristata£3.50

An unusual perennial quaking grass from Chile that flowers more or less continuously all summer and into autumn. Drained, but decent, soil in sun or light shade. 45cm.

Bromus inermis 'Skinner's Gold'

Bromus inermis 'Skinner's Gold'£4.00

Brilliant golden yellow variegated foliage on this pretty form of a native grass. Arching stems of flowers in summer to 40cm. Hardy and easy in ordinary soil in sun or light shade.

Calamagrostis brachytricha

Calamagrostis brachytricha£4.50

Tufts of glossy, rich, green foliage and flowering stems to 1.2m. Upright plumes start pinkish in early autumn and fade to silvery buff. Good in winter.

Calamagrostis foliosa£4.50

A rare Californian endemic grass which makes clumps of blue-grey arching leaves to 30cm, and flowers in spring with rich rusty buff fluffy spikes on arching stems to 60cm. For drained soil in sun.

Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Avalanche'£4.00

A new form from America with a stronger habit than ‘Overdam’ and a reversed variegation. Creamy white stripes, tinged pink and the usual purplish pink flowers in summer. 1.2m? Dense clumps of foliage provide upright columns of stems that last all winter, cut back in February.


Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster'£3.50

Often used in naturalistic gardens this is an excellent garden grass. Dense clumps of foliage and tall, upright stems topped with purple flushed green flowers in summer. 1.5m. Ordinary soil in sun or part shade. Good winter effect from the stems and seedheads.

Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Overdam'£4.50

White variegated leaves, tinged pink in spring make an attractive clump that will produce a column of fluffy flowers that start pink and fade to buff to stand all winter. Well behaved! 1.5m.

Carex 'Everest'

Carex 'Everest'£3.50

A new variegated form with bright creamy white stripes and creamy green flowers to 15cm in early spring. Neat clumps for shade or part shade.

Carex 'Silver Sceptre'

Carex 'Silver Sceptre'£3.00

Low growing semi-evergreen clumps of creamy-white variegated foliage to 15cm. Average soil in sun or shade, slowly spreading clumps but well behaved.


Carex conica 'Kiku-sakura'

Carex conica 'Kiku-sakura'£4.00

A neat, evergreen, ornamental sedge with white variegated foliage and flowers in early spring to 15cm. Ideal for good soil in shade.

Carex cuprina

Carex cuprina£3.00

I'm not convinced about the name but this evergreen sedge makes clumps of rich green leaves to 20cm and produces masses of brownish-yellow flowers in early summer up to 80cm. Shade, ordinary soil.

Carex divulsa ssp. leersii

Carex divulsa ssp. leersii£3.00

Clumps of long, fine bright green foliage and delicate summer flowers to 20cm. Ordinary soil in sun or shade. British native so very hardy.


Carex glauca

Carex glauca£4.00

Broad blue-grey leaves are nearly evergreen in average to moist soil in light shade. Insignificant flowers in spring to 30cm. Confusion over the correct name but it is a lovely plant!

Carex lurida 'Silver'

Carex lurida 'Silver'£4.00

Evergreen clumps of fresh silvery green foliage produce stems to 60cm with several spikes of drooping flowers/seeds. Ordinary to moist soil in sun or shade.

Carex morrowii 'Fisher's Form'

Carex morrowii 'Fisher's Form'£4.00

Evergreen rosettes of stiff leaves with creamy yellow margins. Excellent edging plant for shady borders or mass planted for groundcover under shrubs/trees. Small creamy flowers in spring. Average soil in shade. 20cm.

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Page 1 of 7:    174 Items