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Grass Collections

If you'd like help choosing try our collections of grasses. We do not have fixed lists of plant sent out in each collection, the contents are always chosen on the day your order is picked out to give the most suitable plants from our current stock.

If you order multiples of any collections then we will normally send the same plants x the number of collections ordered.  For example, if you order 3 x 6 Dwarf Grasses, we will send you 3 plants each of 6 varieties.

Due to the nature of these collections no specific include/exclude requests are possible.

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6 Dwarf Grasses

6 Dwarf Grasses£17.50   £16.00

6 smaller types of Ornamental Grass suitable for the front of border or a larger rockery. Drained soil in full sun.

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6 Grasses for Dry Sun

6 Grasses for Dry Sun£17.50   £16.00

6 of the best for well drained, dry, sunny sites. Large and small varieties included - none of them invasive!

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6 Grasses for the Border

6 Grasses for the Border£17.50   £16.00

6 tried and tested varieties for the herbaceous border. Clump formers that will mix well.

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6 Prairie Style Grasses

6 Prairie Style Grasses£17.50   £16.00

6 Ornamental Grasses in the Prairie Style, including taller, upright growing types.

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6 Grasses for Shade

6 Grasses for Shade£17.50   £16.00

6 Ornamental Grasses for shady positions. Tall and short, some for drier soils.

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5 Different Miscanthus

5 Different Miscanthus£30.00   £27.50

If you're stuck with choosing which Miscanthus to buy let us help - five different varieties in a range of size and colours.

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