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Plant Collections

If our vast range of plants confused or frightens then perhaps our collections will help you out? Simply choose the type of plant you want and the conditions you have and we will choose you some good plants from our current stock.

Please note that all plants in the collections are our choice and will vary during the year, we do not have a fixed list of what will go into them so cannot tell you until we actually pick out your order.  No invasive plants will be included and we always pick out plants we would choose for ourselves!

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6 Geraniums for Dry Sun

6 Geraniums for Dry Sun£17.50   £16.00

Six Hardy Geraniums we have tested in well drained soil in sun. Improve the soil before planting.

6 Geraniums for Front of Border

6 Geraniums for Front of Border£17.50   £16.00

Six Hardy Geraniums suitable for the front of border or a large rockery.

6 Geraniums for a Border

6 Geraniums for a Border£17.50   £16.00

Six Hardy Geraniums suitable for a typical herbaceous border with average soil in sun.

6 Geraniums for Meadow or Prairie

6 Geraniums for Meadow or Prairie£17.50   £16.00

Six Hardy Geraniums suitable for a meadow or prairie style border or garden.

6 Geraniums for Dry Shade

6 Geraniums for Dry Shade£17.50   £16.00

Six Hardy Geraniums that will cope with dry shade as long as there is some moisture and humus!

6 Geraniums for Damp Shade

6 Geraniums for Damp Shade£17.50   £16.00

Six Hardy Geraniums which will thrive in good to moist soil in shade, especially woodland.

6 Grasses for Dry Sun

6 Grasses for Dry Sun£17.50   £16.00

6 of the best for well drained, dry, sunny sites. Large and small varieties included - none of them invasive!

6 Dwarf Grasses

6 Dwarf Grasses£17.50   £16.00

6 smaller types of Ornamental Grass suitable for the front of border or a larger rockery. Drained soil in full sun.

6 Grasses for the Border

6 Grasses for the Border£17.50   £16.00

6 tried and tested varieties for the herbaceous border. Clump formers that will mix well.

6 Prairie Style Grasses

6 Prairie Style Grasses£17.50   £16.00

6 Ornamental Grasses in the Prairie Style, including taller, upright growing types.

6 Grasses for Shade

6 Grasses for Shade£17.50   £16.00

6 Ornamental Grasses for shady positions. Tall and short, some for drier soils.

6 Grasses for Damp or Bog Garden

6 Grasses for Damp or Bog Garden£17.50   £16.00

6 Ornamental Grasses suitable for damp/wet soil or in the bog garden. Not suitable for in or under water!

5 Different Miscanthus

5 Different Miscanthus£30.00   £27.50

If you're stuck with choosing which Miscanthus to buy let us help - five different varieties in a range of size and colours.

6 Herbaceous Border Perennials

6 Herbaceous Border Perennials£17.00   £16.00

6 perennials suitable for a traditional Herbaceous Border to give summer and/or autumn colour in a sunny position.

6 Perennials for Dry Shade

6 Perennials for Dry Shade£17.50   £16.00

6 perennials for improved dry soil in shade as long as there is some moisture!

6 Perennials for Dry Sun

6 Perennials for Dry Sun£17.50   £16.00

6 drought resistant perennials to keep interest going through the year.

6 Perennials for Front of Border

6 Perennials for Front of Border£17.50   £16.00

6 low growing, compact hardy perennials for the front of a border. They would also be suitable for a large rockery or growing in containers. Drained soil in sun.

6 Prairie Style Perennials

6 Prairie Style Perennials£17.50   £16.00

6 hardy perennial plants suitable for mixing with grasses for a prairie style border or garden. Sun.

6 Woodland Perennials

6 Woodland Perennials£17.50   £16.00

6 hardy perennials for good soil in shade. Typical and not so typical woodlanders. Shade can be cast by trees or buildings!

Aster collection

Aster collection£11.50   £10.00

Autumn means Asters, and we have a lovely selection available now, including:
'Little Carlow' AGM (1.4ltr pot) A firm favourite; masses of lavender flowers to 1m.
'Kylie' (9cm pot) Aster ericoides hybrid with sprays of thousands of pink flowers.
'Les Moutiers' (9cm pot) A pink version of 'Little Carlow'. Black stems and clouds of pink flowers to 1m.

Buy one each of all three varieties for just 10.

Gift Voucher£10.00

For last minute gifts or indeed any other purpose our new gift vouchers are ideal. Just in 10s at present other values will be added....

Plantsman's Choice Collection

Plantsman's Choice Collection£39.00   £35.00

12 plants that are among the most choice that we grow. 3 Hardy Geraniums, 3 Ornamental Grasses, 3 Perennials for sun and 3 Woodland perennials.

Page 1 of 1:    22 Items