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New Plants

For those who need the new plants here are the 25 most recently added plants. Not necessarily new but just new to the website, or sometimes a plant we haven't had available for some time.

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Hedera nepalensis 'Sino Bart'

Hedera nepalensis 'Sino Bart'£5.00

Glorious glossy red new foliage on this unusual ivy from Asia. The foliage ages to soft green with silvery veins. Average soil in a sheltered shady place.

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Lychnis coronaria Oculata

Lychnis coronaria Oculata£4.00

A wonderful cottage garden plant but with a more unusual flower - white that blushes plum-pink from the centre. Drained soil in sun. 75cm.

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Plantago major 'Purple Perversion'

Plantago major 'Purple Perversion'£4.00

A slight mad version of plantain with frilly purple leaves - looks like salad leaves but it isn't! Best colour in sun, drained soil. 15cm.

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Chlorophytum saundersiae

Chlorophytum saundersiae£4.50

A hardy-ish spider plant! Clumps of elegant, grassy leaves and masses of starry white flowers held on arching stems in summer to 40cm. Drained, good soil in shade is best.

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Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana 'Claret Jug'

Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana 'Claret Jug'£4.50

Pretty leaves with strongly red flushed undersides and veins on this hardy begonia. Pink flowers in autumn to 60cm. Good soil, drained but not dry in shade.

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Cynara cardunculus ssp. flavescens

Cynara cardunculus ssp. flavescens£5.50

Cardoon. Big clumps of greyish foliage, more or less jaggedly divided produce tall, strong stems topped with glorious purple thistles. This form has golden yellow edged bracts.

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Elymus canadensis 'Icy Blue'

Elymus canadensis 'Icy Blue'£4.50

A selected strain with showy blue-grey stems, leaves and bristly summer flowers, a little shorter than the species to 1.2m. Ordinary soil in full sun, good in autumn and winter.

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Eryngium planum 'Blue Glitter'

Eryngium planum 'Blue Glitter'£4.50

An excellent form with strong, branched, stems of silvery blue flowers, the stems turning purplish blue to 80cm. Drained soil in sun. Good for cutting.

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Hedychium yunnanense Cally Form

Hedychium yunnanense Cally Form£12.00

A lovely, more or less hardy, ornamental ginger with open heads of spidery white flowers with warm orange-red anthers on long yellow filaments. 1m. Good soil in shade, deep mulch.

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Panicum virgatum 'Forestburg'

Panicum virgatum 'Forestburg'£4.50

Upright columns of greyish foliage topped with open panicles (flower heads) of red tinted flowers in late summer and autumn. Average soil in full sun. 1.2m.

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Euonymus europaeus f. albus

Euonymus europaeus f. albus£5.00

Rare form of the native Spindle with white fruits that split open to reveal bright orange seeds in autumn that last into winter. Mostly deciduous shrub to 2.4m. "Divisions"!

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Hesperantha coccinea 'Major'

Hesperantha coccinea 'Major'£4.50

Glowing rich red flowers appear from late summer into early winter on this Iris relative. Spreading patches for good soil in sun. 50cm.

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Eucomis comosa dark stemmed

Eucomis comosa dark stemmed£6.50

A lovely form with strongly bronzed leaves and dark brown stems supporting big spikes of pinkish flowers with green tips! Drained, good soil in full sun. 75cm?

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Urospermum dalechampii

Urospermum dalechampii£4.50

Stunning large, pale yellow dandelion-like flowers from rosettes of deeply lobed leaves. Perennial, for drained soil in full sun. 45cm.

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Allium hookeri var. muliense

Allium hookeri var. muliense£4.50

Unusual and pretty heads of very fine yellow flowers in midsummer. Late to emerge in spring so don't panic! Fresh green leaves. 45cm. Sun.

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Fuchsia boliviana (Carriere)

Fuchsia boliviana (Carriere)£4.50

TENDER Stunning rich red long-tubed flowers in clusters amongst tropical looking large rounded leaves. Usually to c. 1m but could be taller.

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Allium mairei var amabile deep pink

Allium mairei var amabile deep pink£4.50

Tidy clumps of fine green foliage produce clusters of showy deep pink flowers in midsummer to 15cm. Drained but not dry soil in sun. Rock garden or trough.

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Gomphostigma virgatum

Gomphostigma virgatum£6.50

A splendid recent introduction this small shrub has bright silver lanceolate foliage and cup shaped white flowers from mid-summer. Prune in spring. Good soil in sun. 1m.

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Klasea bulgarica purple fm

Klasea bulgarica purple fm£4.50

A tall member of the thistle family with paddle shaped leaves with toothed margins and heads of pretty, purple flowers to 1.8m in summer. Average soil in sun.

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Agastache rugosa

Agastache rugosa£4.50

Pretty upright spires of purple-blue flowers from mid summer into autumn. Bronzed, scented foliage. Best in drained but not too dry soil in full sun. 80cm.

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Symphyotrichum ericoides 'Snow Flurry'

Symphyotrichum ericoides 'Snow Flurry'£4.50

A delightful prostrate form with clouds of tiny white flowers ideal for cascading over low walls or rockeries. Probably the most Heather-like form of the species. 15cm.

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Eryngium ebracteatum

Eryngium ebracteatum£5.00

Neat clumps of grey sword-like leaves in upright rosettes produce wiry, branched stems of maroon Sanguisorba-like flowers in summer to 1.2m.

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Geranium versicolor 'The Bride'

Geranium versicolor 'The Bride'£4.50

A lovely and rare white flowered form with light green, spotted leaves. Best in some shade but will be fine in sun and good soil. 30cm.

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Scabiosa columbaria ssp. ochroleuca

Scabiosa columbaria ssp. ochroleuca£4.50

Pretty cream flowers on a fine, airy plant to 75cm. A lovely self-seeding perennial to mix with ornamental grasses etc in drained soil in full sun.

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Viola sororia 'Rubra'

Viola sororia 'Rubra'£4.50

Jewel-like deep purplish pink flowers on this clump forming perennial violet. Fresh green heart shaped leaves show off the early spring flowers to 15cm. Good soil in shade.

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