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pratense & hybrids

Meadow Cranesbill

With it's origins in the meadows of the UK and Europe to Asia this clump forming species and its many forms and hybrids are ideal for borders and naturalising.

Geranium pratense is a clump former, making dense clumps of shoots from which you get a large clump of relatively finely cut leaves on fairly long stems giving a substantial mound of foliage to as much as 60cm.  The flower stems ascend to 90cm-1.2m in early to mid-summer making Geranium pratense one of the biggest species of cranesbill.  Fortunately many selections and most hybrids are quite a bit smaller!  The reason for the large size is that it's natural habitat is, as the common name of meadow cranesbill suggests, meadows which tend to be full of equally tall grasses and other herbaceous plants.  This does make meadow cranebill ideal if you are looking for a Geranium to naturalise in grassland.

There are lots of named forms of Geranium pratense now and they vary quite dramatically from the wild type.  Flowers can be anything from white, pinkish or blues to deep purple (clear blue is normal), single or double.  The leaves also display variation, being green, brown-purple or golden variegated.

Many hybrids of Geranium pratense (and similar types) are included in this section and most of these have the benefits of being more compact than the species and especially, of having a much longer flowering season.

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Geranium 'Blue Cloud'

Geranium 'Blue Cloud'£4.50

AGM A mound of large pale blue flowers veined crimson. 45cm. Flowering June-August onwards. Reasonable soil in open or sunny position. Unique colour for a long flowering plant.

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Geranium pratense

Geranium pratense£5.00

The native Meadow Cranesbill, clump forming herbaceous perennial with deeply divided leaves to 45cm and strong stems of largish flowers in shades of blue to 1m or more. Sun, drained but good soil.

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Geranium pratense ssp. stewartianum 'Raina'

Geranium pratense ssp. stewartianum 'Raina'£10.00   £6.00

The other plant collected by Dr Raina for Peter Yeo at Cambridge Botanic (‘Elizabeth Yeo’ being the first). Slightly deeper pink flowers and has been very slow for us. 70cm. Drained soil in sun.

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