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A woodland species from North America. Generally preferring good, leafy soil in at least some shade and will tolerate drying out in summer. Alternatively it will be happy in a good, moistish soil in full sun.

Geranium maculatum, wild geranium or spotted cranesbill is the north American equivalent to our native Geranium sylvaticum growing in mixed deciduous woodland it relies on winter and spring moisture to survive the summer when the tree roots dry the soil out.  This can be taken advantage of in gardens as there are often shady areas that are more open in spring and early summer when Geranium maculatum flowers that become dark and dry later on as the trees and shrubs grow their leaves.

If you can grow Geranium maculatum in a more open position that doesn't dry out in summer then you have an ideal oppurtunity to enjoy some of the forms with coloured leaves as they will still be looking good into the autumn.  All forms of Geranium maculatum are fully deciduous.  Height ranges from a little over 30cm, to nearly three times that.

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Geranium maculatum 'Schokoprinz'

Geranium maculatum 'Schokoprinz'£5.00

Stronger rich rusty brown leaves on this new form with deep bluish pink flowers to 40cm. A good grower. Good soil, not too dry, in sun or light shade.

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Geranium maculatum 'Shameface'

Geranium maculatum 'Shameface'£4.00

The (N. American) name given to the form usually grown as G maculatum in Britain. Light pink flowers changing to pale mauve with age. 45cm.

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Geranium maculatum 'Smoky Mountain'

Geranium maculatum 'Smoky Mountain'£5.00

A purple flowered form of Geranium maculatum. Often later flowering than other cultivars to 65cm. Good soil in shade.

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Geranium maculatum 'Vickie Lynn'

Geranium maculatum 'Vickie Lynn'£4.50

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