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For those who need the new plants here are the 25 most recently added plants. Not necessarily new but just new to the website, or sometimes a plant we haven't had available for some time.

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Ipheion 'Alice'

Ipheion 'Alice'£5.00

Clear, bright blue flowers with contrasting yellow stamens. The flowers reflexing in sun. Winter and spring flowers for a well drained sunny position. Compact to 12cm.

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Vinca minor 'Blue and Gold'

Vinca minor 'Blue and Gold'£5.00

Very rarely seen slow growing form with completely golden yellow new foliage fading to light green and single rich blue flowers in late winter and spring. 15cm.

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Galanthus elwesii var monostictus

Galanthus elwesii var monostictus£6.50

AGM A good doer with broad grey-green leaves and generous bright white flowers with a single green mark on the inner "petals". Average soil in sun or light shade. 20cm.

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Geranium peloponnesiacum

Geranium peloponnesiacum£5.00

An attractive wintergreen species from south eastern Europe. Tuberous roots and hairy leaves often marked brown, rich blue flowers in spring to 25cm. Drained soil in full sun.

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Ipheion 'Rygel'

Ipheion 'Rygel'£4.50

New to us this seems quite compact with deep purplish blue flowers. Winter and spring flowers for a well drained sunny position. 15cm.

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Silene coronaria wild form

Silene coronaria wild form£4.50

Brilliant reddish magenta flowers on this form from Graham Gough. Silvery grey foliage and strong flower stems to 90cm. Self seeds in dry soil in full sun.

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Hedera helix 'Heise'

Hedera helix 'Heise'£4.50

Crisp white margined leaves with grey and green centres on this classic mid-sized ivy. A good fresh looking variety for climbing or groundcover.

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Hedera helix 'Seabreeze'

Hedera helix 'Seabreeze'£4.50

A striking and unusual white variegated form with variable curled leaves, generally rounded or deeply divided. Compact and fairly slow growing.

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Hedera helix 'Shamrock'

Hedera helix 'Shamrock'£4.50

AGM Dark green foliage with three oddly angular divisions often held at different heights giving an unusual appearance. A good dense groundcover.

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Ajuga reptans 'Julia'

Ajuga reptans 'Julia'£4.50

Striking spires of clean pink flowers rise above lightly bronzed foliage in spring. Very floriferous and a good doer making a low evergreen carpet. 15-20cm.

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Hedera helix 'Misty'

Hedera helix 'Misty'£4.50

AIS Ivy of the Year 2005. Neat grey and green variegated leaves with a creamy white margin and veins. A pretty and compact variety ideal for containers or other small spaces.

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Pelargonium 'Blandfordianum Album'

Pelargonium 'Blandfordianum Album'£4.50

TENDER Scented. A favourite with finely cut grey foliage and pretty white flowers with pinkish red markings sporadically most of the year. 35cm.

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Hedera helix 'Jake'

Hedera helix 'Jake'£4.50

Compact buttery yellow foliage tending towards a shield shape rather than the usual fingered leaf. Small, low growth that can climb.

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Sesleria nitida

Sesleria nitida£4.50

Tidy clumps of showy powder blue-grey leaves to 25cm and short spikes of flowers a little taller. Evergreen and tough. Best in drained soil in full sun.

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Succisa pratensis

Succisa pratensis£4.50

Devil's-bit scabious. A delightful soft but rich blue flowered native scabious with the bobbles of flower dancing above the foliage on wiry stems. Ordinary soil in sun or part shade. 60cm.

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Knautia macedonica

Knautia macedonica£5.00

The wonderful old red form of this tough perennial scabious. Airy and great at mixing. Much less self-seeding than the pastel versions. Drained soil in sun, 90cm.

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Veronica longifolia 'Charming Pink'

Veronica longifolia 'Charming Pink'£5.00

Really good clear, rich, pink spires of flowers on this clasic border perennial. Lower and leafier than Veronicastrum ideal near the front of a border. Good soil, sun. 1m.

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Solidago rigida ssp humilis

Solidago rigida ssp humilis£4.50

Classy clumps of greyish foliage and upright stems topped with fluffy heads of clear yellow flowers in late summer to 60cm or so. Drained soil in sun.

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Hedera helix 'Silver King'

Hedera helix 'Silver King'£4.50

Very smart silvery white (sometimes yellowish) margined typical 3-5 lobed leaves on this grey and green leafed form. Tidy and neat growth, climbing or trailing.

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Verbena officinalis var. grandiflora 'Bampton'

Verbena officinalis var. grandiflora 'Bampton'£4.50

A brilliant dark purple leaved form of the hardy British native Vervain. Low scrambling clumps ideal for spilling through other plants and over the edges of containers or raised beds. Sun, drained soil. 50cm.

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Hedychium spicatum 'Shirui Steps'

Hedychium spicatum 'Shirui Steps'£12.00

Hardy with a mulch this species produces white and pinkish flowers fairly reliably each year. Good soil, we prefer a little shade here. 1m so far.

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Oxalis debilis 'Aureoreticulata'

Oxalis debilis 'Aureoreticulata'£4.50

Gold veined oxalis. Pretty yellow reticulate veined leaves and sporadic pale pink flowers. Can be grown indoors or out in a sheltered spot. Drained soil, sun. 10cm.

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Oxalis oregana f. smalliana

Oxalis oregana f. smalliana£4.50

A rich pink flowered form of this mostly evergreen from conifer woodlands of western North America. Shade, not dry but drained. 15cm.

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Chrysanthemum 'Alison's Dad'

Chrysanthemum 'Alison's Dad'£6.50

Lovely large semi-double flowers in a bright pink fading gently towards the slightly cut tips. Drained soil in full sun. 1m.

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Stipa ichu

Stipa ichu£4.50

AGM Striking silvery white feathery plumes of flowers over fine rich green clumps of foliage in summer. Narrow upright growth habit to 80cm. Sun, well drained.

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