We grow a range of Begonia, most of them perfectly hardy in the ground in most of the UK much to the surprise of many customers!  Most species prefer to be out of direct sun for the hottest parts of the day but don't need complete shade.

The hardy deciduous types will be relatively late to emerge in the spring so don't panic if they haven't appeared until at least May.

The tender types are clearly described and will bee to be kept frost free at a mimimum, they make good conservatory or house plants overwinter and can spend the warmer months outside.

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Begonia grandis 'Heron's Pirouette'

Begonia grandis 'Heron's Pirouette'£5.00

A stunning new introduction with attractive green leaves on red stems and large heads of rich pink flowers from July to the frosts. HARDY! Wild collected, Japan, 1997 by Dan Hinkley. 60cm.

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Begonia grandis 'Sapporo'

Begonia grandis 'Sapporo'£5.00

Hardy begonia from Japan with deep green leaves with brilliant red undersides and pink flowers from midsummer into autumn. Deciduous. Drained soil in some shade is best. 50cm.

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Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana 'Claret Jug'

Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana 'Claret Jug'£5.00

Pretty leaves with strongly red flushed undersides and veins on this hardy begonia. Pink flowers in autumn to 60cm. Good soil, drained but not dry in shade.

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Begonia sutherlandii 'Papaya'

Begonia sutherlandii 'Papaya'£5.00

A selection from this tuberous species with soft orange flowers from midsummer to the first frosts. Possibly hardy in drained soil with a good mulch. 30cm.

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