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Ramblings of a nursery owner

We hope to provide information and educational material as well as plants so we offer a selection of resources, mostly short articles on the plants which we grow. To start with we have the Molinia Collection page in this section and a short article on Geranium psilostemon and its hybrids and cultivars. A new cultivar name for a well-known hardy geranium is described in our most recent addition.

We aim to make a number of articles available here in the future which will be free to non-profit making clubs/societies etc to use in their newsletters and journals.  All we ask is that they are used complete with no editing and that we are credited properly (it would be nice to receive a copy of the publication as well!).

Geranium psilostemon

Molinia Collection

New Geranium Cultivar Name - Geranium phaeum 'Lady in Mourning'