Geranium Collections

If you'd like help choosing suitable hardy geraniums for a particular place then our collections may be the answer. The plants included in each collection vary continually to give the best plants from our current stock.

While most Hardy Geraniums are very tough plants that will look after themselves please bear in mind that they still need a good start in life!  Wherever you are planting them it is important to prepare the soil sell, getting rid of all perennial weeds.  Even the tough evergreen groundcovers need a clean start.

Cranesbills can be planted at any time of year as long as the soil is not waterlogged, frozen or bone dry.  If need be, water in well and keep an eye on your new plantings to see if they need more water, better to soak them every so often than to water little and often.  This encourages their roots to go deeper looking for water and become more drought tolerant in future years.  We seldom water any plant after their first full season in the garden.

If none of the collections seem to fit the position(s) you have, please get in touch and we can suggest which specific varieties to look at.