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Grass Collections

If you'd like help choosing try our collections of grasses. We do not have fixed lists of plant sent out in each collection, the contents are always chosen on the day your order is picked out to give the most suitable plants from our current stock.

If you order multiples of any collections then we will normally send the same plants x the number of collections ordered.  For example, if you order 3 x 6 Dwarf Grasses, we will send you 3 plants each of 6 varieties.

Due to the nature of these collections no specific include/exclude requests are possible.

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Prairie Style Grasses

Prairie Style Grasses£22.50   £19.00

6 Ornamental Grasses in the Prairie Style, including taller, upright growing types. Please see the details page for full information.

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Grasses for midsummer

Grasses for midsummer£10.50   £9.00

There are lots of ornamental grasses for late summer and autumn flower and foliage but those that look good in midsummer are less well known, but no less worth growing. We have a collection of grasses that start to flower from early summer and carry on through the height of summer.

Please see the details page for the varieties included.

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