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Anemone ranunculoides 'Ferguson's Fancy'

Anemone ranunculoides 'Ferguson's Fancy'
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Brand:  The Plantsman's Preference
Family:  Ranunculaceae
Main Season:  Spring
Flower Colour:  Yellow
Leaf Colour:  Green
Foliage:  Spring ephemeral
Position:  Shade
Soil Type:  Ordinary, medium loam
Height:  Up to 15cm / 6"
Peat Free?  Yes
Hardiness Guide:  RHS H6 minimum -15C to -20C
Pot Size:  1L



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Chocolate brown tinted new leaves turn to green with the double yellow flowers nestled in a ruff of green bracts in early to mid spring.  Good woodland soil in light shade, under deciduous trees is ideal. 15cm.

A recent and still rare introduction this wood anemone will slowly spread to make a low patch.  Emerging in late winter the flowers are usually at their best in late March into April though the season is very weather dependent.  Anemone ranunculoides seems to do best with a little more sun and slightly drier conditions than the better known Anemone nemorosa.

Best in good soil under deciduous trees or shrubs where it will get plenty of light in the spring when in flower but may be shaded in the summer.  Anemone ranunculoides 'Ferguson's Fancy' will tolerate a site that gets a little on the dry side in summer as long as it's damper in the winter.

Believed to be from Keith and Lorna Ferguson in Gloucestershire, via the late Michael Wickenden.

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