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Dianthus superbus

Dianthus superbus
Price:  £4.50

Brand:  The Plantsman's Preference
Family:  Caryophyllaceae
Main Season:  Summer
Flower Colour:  Pink
Foliage:  Semi-Evergreen
Position:  Sun
Soil Type:  Dry, well drained
Height:  15cm to 30cm (6" to 12")
Peat Free?  Yes
Hardiness Guide:  RHS H7 minimum at least -20C
Pot Size:  9cm



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A beautiful and easy herbaceous perennial species with heads of fimbriate pinkish flowers to c. 45cm. Relatively short lived so allow to self-sow. Ordinary soil in sun.

Often overlooked for some reason, perhaps because people think it is difficult to grow - it isn't!  When I first grew it from seed I didn't hold much hope either, but as soon as it flowered I realised that Dianthus superbus is superb indeed.  I now would not want to be without it!

Neat clumps of grassy leaves soon produce the bushy stems topped with clouds of flowers mostly light pink though some plants (from seed) will be more white or brighter pink.  Cut back hard once the plants look messy to promote more flowers later, or to give a good overwintering clump.  We find that happy plants will perform well for 3-4 years and then deteriorate so it's worth keeping some seedlings to keep it going which isn't difficult.

From western Europe through to the Far East.

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