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We grow a wide range of perennials including a comprehensive range of Hardy Geraniums and lots of good Ornamental Grasses, not to forget the large number of new, rare and unusual herbaceous perennials, especially those for shade/woodland. Please use the Refine options on the left or the Plant Selector to help choose, or the Search box at the top of every page to find specific plants, or just enjoy browsing!

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Hedera helix 'Ritterkreuz'

Hedera helix 'Ritterkreuz'£4.50

Unusual Maltese cross-shaped leaves in a good rich green. Climbing or scrambling architectural plant best in some shade.

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Hedera helix 'Seabreeze'

Hedera helix 'Seabreeze'£4.50

A striking and unusual white variegated form with variable curled leaves, generally rounded or deeply divided. Compact and fairly slow growing.

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Hedera helix 'Shamrock'

Hedera helix 'Shamrock'£4.50

AGM Dark green foliage with three oddly angular divisions often held at different heights giving an unusual appearance. A good dense groundcover.

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Hedera helix 'Silver King'

Hedera helix 'Silver King'£4.50

Very smart silvery white (sometimes yellowish) margined typical 3-5 lobed leaves on this grey and green leafed form. Tidy and neat growth, climbing or trailing.

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Hedera helix 'Triton'

Hedera helix 'Triton'£5.00

Striking, very deeply divided, large leaves with narrow lobes giving a feathery look on this non-climbing form. Trails. Best in some shade.

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Hedera helix 'Very Merry'

Hedera helix 'Very Merry'£4.50

A bushy form well clothed with bright green, rounded smallish leaves. Most don't recognise it as an ivy. Best out of cold winds. 40cm.

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Hedera helix 'White Ripple'

Hedera helix 'White Ripple'£5.00

Beautifully white margined version of Green Ripple with narrow fingered forward-facing divisions. Elegant and bright, climbs, scrambles and trails well.

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Hedera hibernica 'Dealbata'

Hedera hibernica 'Dealbata'£4.50

An old variety with new growth strongly marked with random white blotches that fade as the leaf ages to give a dark green leaf. Small, neat growth.

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Hedera hibernica 'Spetchley'

Hedera hibernica 'Spetchley'£4.50

AGM Delightful tiny leaves on this slow growing form densely arranged on red stems. Can grow as groundcover (in a trough?) or will climb in time. Sun or shade.

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Hedera hibernica ex RBGE Type plant

Hedera hibernica ex RBGE Type plant£5.00

Propagated from the Type plant for the species at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Silver-grey veined climber/groundcover, evergreen and tough but controllable.

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Hedera iberica

Hedera iberica£5.00

Rarely cultivated species from Spain and Portugal with deep green leaves with pale green veins. Narrow triangular divisions to the leaves. Fairly hardy.

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Hedera nepalensis 'Roy Lancaster'

Hedera nepalensis 'Roy Lancaster'£5.00

Stunning ruby red new growth that turns to green with grey veins as it matures. The leaves often multi-lobed on young growth, adult leaves are triangular. Ordinary soil under trees/shrubs.

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Hedera nepalensis var. sinensis

Hedera nepalensis var. sinensis£5.00

A fairly small ivy from south-west China with grey veined leaves, new growth purple-red in spring and summer. Best grown in at least light shade, sheltered.

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Hedera pastuchovii 'Ann Ala'

Hedera pastuchovii 'Ann Ala'£4.50

AGM Collected by Roy Lancaster in the Caspian Forest in Iran and named for his guide. Lanceolate green leaves with pale veins, trailing or climbing.

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Hedera pastuchovii ssp. cypria

Hedera pastuchovii ssp. cypria£6.00

syn. Hedera cypria. Triangular leaves with well defined silvery veins on this attractive ivy from the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. Drained soil in shade, best if not too dry.

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Hedera rhombea

Hedera rhombea£5.00

An attractive species with rounded triangular leaves in a distinct green with greyish veining. Medium growth for groundcover or climbing up walls or fences. Best in shade.

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Hedera rhombea 'Variegata'

Hedera rhombea 'Variegata'£6.00

Smart white edged rounded leaves which pick up pinkish-red tints in cold weather. Quite a thin leaf and flexible stems so best in shelter and shade.

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Hedychium coronarium 'Gold Spot'

Hedychium coronarium 'Gold Spot'£12.00   £8.00

Brilliant white flowers with a rich golden yellow mark in the centre on the top of tropical looking stems to 1.8m. Needs a warm sunny, sheltered spot.

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Hedychium densiflorum 'Assam Orange'

Hedychium densiflorum 'Assam Orange'£8.50

Showy narrow spikes of tangerine orange flowers to 1.5m on this very hardy ginger (with a mulch at least). Probably the best one to start with. Part/light shade.

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Hedychium spicatum 'Shirui Steps'

Hedychium spicatum 'Shirui Steps'£12.00

Hardy with a mulch this species produces white and pinkish flowers fairly reliably each year. Good soil, we prefer a little shade here. 1m so far.

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Hedychium yunnanense Cally Form

Hedychium yunnanense Cally Form£12.00

A lovely, more or less hardy, ornamental ginger with open heads of spidery white flowers with warm orange-red anthers on long yellow filaments. 1m. Good soil in shade, deep mulch.

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Helianthus giganteus 'Sheila's Sunshine'

Helianthus giganteus 'Sheila's Sunshine'£6.50

Clouds of creamy yellow flowers on tall stems on this delightful autumn flowering perennial sunflower. Well behaved herbaceous plant for good soil in full sun. 2.4m.

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Helianthus x kellermanii

Helianthus x kellermanii£5.00

Golden yellow mini-sunflowers in late summer and autumn on elegant stems clothed with willowy leaves. Well behaved and not running. Best in good soil in full sun. 3m!.

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Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbery'

Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbery'£6.50

A favourite variety with elegant flowers of a pinkish lilac. Happy on most soils in sun. 90cm.

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Hemerocallis 'Crimson Pirate'

Hemerocallis 'Crimson Pirate'£5.50

A spider type with long narrow petals of a rich crimson red. 75cm. Good soil in sun.

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