New Pot Size Guide added to all plant pages

24 April 2014  |  Admin

A new pot size guide has now been added to all plant pages just under the attribute list.  This photographic guide will hopefully help you understand what size pots we sell the plants in!

The guide is in the form of a pop-up image which can be seen by clicking the small pot   To close it simply click the X, or click the image or anywhere else on screen.

Pot size guide preview

Top row: Not used for too many plants as they are a bit big and heavy to send out in boxes!  The 2L is a typical garden centre size pot for a herbaceous perennial plant and would typically be a second season plant.  The 1.4L is our standard size pot for larger grasses, especially Miscanthus and the taller Molinia.  All these bigger pots are also used for plants which are going to outgrow the 9cm range below.

Middle row: Standard pots for the larger plants and also for the slower growing or smaller plants once they are a saleable size.  The second from the left is an extra deep "rose" pot used for plants (often woodlanders) that need a deeper root run.  The old style round pot on the right is used for second season plants of Geranium cinereum, Geranium sanguineum and Geranium subcaulescens forms as they tend to be better if kept on the nursery till they are a bit older (saying that we do sell them smaller in their first year too).

Bottom row: The 9cm pots are out preferred size for most things - it is an ideal size for mail order and also they tend to establish better in the garden in the long term.  They may need a little more care (weeding and watering mostly) in the first year but almost always catch up to and exceed the growth of bigger (2L upwards) plants in the second and third years.  The round pot is used for smaller and slow plants, the square one is most common and the tall narrow one for those that need deeper root-runs.  Few plants are sold in the 7cm but those that are include small, choice woodlanders and alpines like Sempervivums and some Geraniums and Sedums.

A big advantage of doing this size guide for you is that I had to use the golden syrup to make lots of flapjacks to keep us going on the nursery!