New website in progress

16 September 2004  |  Admin

This is a test "news" story for the new website.  After the best part of four months of work from choosing an CMS (content management system) and shopping cart etc and then many hours of data entry, copy-pasting and photo editing and insertion it is nearing completion at last.

It takes into account many of the comments made by users of our old site (which was in use from 2002-2012) such as the ability to search by plant name, growing conditions, flower colour, height etc and enables more, larger photos as well as longer descriptions and more information about the origin of the plants (much of which is going to be an ongoing project over the coming years!).  As a side-effect, albeit a very important one to us, it is going to be so much easier to keep up to date as the new system keeps track of what has sold and automatically stops selling a plant when we run out - as long as I have told it exactly how many are actually sitting on the nursery itself of course!

 So, I must stop this typing and go and sort out the P&P charges and the way in which it calculates them for you...