The sun came out to play...

27 February 2013  |  Admin

For the first time in what feels like weeks we saw the sun today as we were working on the Geraniums on the nursery!

The last few weeks have seen lots of work done to get all the plants on the nursery cut back, weeded and tidied ready for the spring re-opening on Friday 1st March.  There may not be many flowers to be seen quite yet but there are lots of tempting buds to be found and some precocious plants like Hemerocallis are already growing well.

I also have the first event to go to this Saturday, the Alpine Garden Society show in Harlow.  I'll be taking lots of woodlanders (mostly still dormant!) and quite a few smaller hardy Geraniums - quite different to the tiny alpines that will be on display in the show.

To finish, a few photos taken on the nursery last week. Starting with Crocus tommassinianus 'Claret'.

Crocus tommassinianus 'Claret' 

Cyclamen alpinum (syn. Cyclamen trochopteranthum)


Geranium thunbergii 'Jester's Jacket' (hopefully some to sell later in the year!).


I'm not really a galanthophile but I do have a few odd ones here and there.  Recent purchases, Galanthus 'Midget' and 'Lodestar'!


And finally an idea of how to use them with your Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue' in the garden, this one is 'Galanthus 'Merlin'.