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All Other Perennials

Here are all the other perennials, from the commonplace to the ridiculously rare. Have a good browse or use the Plant Selector to help.

Since we grow such a large, eclectic selection you may find the refine function in the left hand column useful to narrow down your search, or if you know the name of the plant you are looking for the Search box at the top right may help you find it.  If you need help choosing your plants then our Collections might be of interest or ask us for help by email or phone.

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Iris 'Berlin Tiger'

Iris 'Berlin Tiger'£5.00

Probably a hybrid of I. pseudacorus this makes dense clumps of foliage to 80cm. Masses of pale yellow flowers with fine brown netting in early summer.

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Iris attica yellow flowered

Iris attica yellow flowered£4.50

A lovely little bearded type Iris for the rockery, sink or alpine house. Very low growing, to 10cm, pale lemon yellow flowers in early spring. Good drainage in full sun.

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Iris fulva

Iris fulva£5.00

Stunning terracotta flowers on this American Louisiana iris. Best in a warm site with good rich soil. Not the easiest to flower well in the UK but well worth trying! 60cm.

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Iris mzchetica

Iris mzchetica£5.00

Recently named species from the Transcaucasus with yellow flowers to c. 40cm so far. Apparently related to I pseudacorus but much smaller. Hardy.

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Iris pseudacorus 'Esk'

Iris pseudacorus 'Esk'£6.00

A giant form of the native yellow flag that will grow very well in ordinary garden soil to 1.8m. Golden yellow flowers with some brown veins in summer.

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Iris setosa

Iris setosa£4.50

A delightful species which makes clumps of greyish green foliage and produces rich, deep indigo-purple flowers in spring and early summer. Best in good to moist soil in sun. 70cm.

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Iris sibirica 'Dreaming Yellow'

Iris sibirica 'Dreaming Yellow'£4.50

Lovely creamy white flowers with more yellow falls, particularly towards the base. A good doer for soil that doesn't dry out in sun. 60cm.

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Iris sp. aff subbiflora

Iris sp. aff subbiflora£4.50

Very compact clumps of greyish leaves produce rich purple flowers with spotted orange throats and pale yellow beards to 15cm in spring. Well drained soil in full sun, or alpine house.

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Iris tectorum 'Alba'

Iris tectorum 'Alba'£5.00

Broad greyish foliage on a low growing plant with sparkling white flowers with yellow markings in spring. Good but drained soil in light shade probably best. 30cm.

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Iris x robusta 'Gerald Darby'

Iris x robusta 'Gerald Darby'£4.50

Strong glaucous foliage has purple staining when young providing a point of interest when many other Irises are only just waking up. Blue-purple flowers to 1m in early summer. Good soil in sun.

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Klasea bulgarica purple fm

Klasea bulgarica purple fm£4.50

A tall member of the thistle family with paddle shaped leaves with toothed margins and heads of pretty, purple flowers to 1.8m in summer. Average soil in sun.

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Knautia arvensis cream-pink form

Knautia arvensis cream-pink form£4.50

Rare cream form with a pinkish flush depending on soil/weather of the Field Scabious. Long flowering, early to late summer. For drained soil in sun. 60cm.

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Knautia macedonica 'Melton Pastels'

Knautia macedonica 'Melton Pastels'£4.50

A lovely meadow scabious from eastern Europe producing flowers in a range of shades from red through pink to mauve on wiry stems to 1m. Drained soil in sun.

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Kniphofia 'Bee's Sunset'

Kniphofia 'Bee's Sunset'£6.00

AGM Neat clumps bearing masses of glowing yellow-orange flower spikes in summer to 80cm. Dark stems add to the effect. Drained but good soil in full sun for best flowers.

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Kniphofia 'Incandesce'

Kniphofia 'Incandesce'£5.00

AGM Splendid flaming spikes of bright coral-orange buds that don't fade as they open until they are going over giving a small cream section at the base of the head. Sun, drained soil. 1m.

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Kniphofia 'Rich Echoes'

Kniphofia 'Rich Echoes'£6.50

AGM Warm bronzed orange buds open to clear yellow flowers on distinctive dark stems. A stand out plant in the Wisley Trial. Neat clumps flowering July-September, 75cm. Drained soil in sun.

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Kniphofia aff. citrina

Kniphofia aff. citrina£6.00

Attractive green buds open to yellow flowers that fade to cream on good stems to 75cm. Tidy clumps of fresh gren leaves. Drained but good soil in full sun.

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Lamiaceae sp MCW58

Lamiaceae sp MCW58£6.50

Wild collected by the late Michael Wickenden as a Nepeta species but we suspect something else. Tall, branched spires of tiny bright blue flowers, 1.4m.

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Lamium galeobdolon 'Kirkcudbright Dwarf'

Lamium galeobdolon 'Kirkcudbright Dwarf'£4.50

A dwarf, compact and well behaved form with silver patterned leaves and pretty pale yellow flowers in spring. Ordinary soil in light shade. 20cm.

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Lathyrus latifolius

Lathyrus latifolius£5.50

A lovely perennial sweet pea with large flowers of bright pink, pastel pink or white in summer. Scrambling/climbing, for ordinary soil in sun. 1.8m.

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Lathyrus tuberosus

Lathyrus tuberosus£4.50

A fine perennial climbing species with greyish foliage and rich pink flowers from midsummer to late autumn. Average soil in sun or part shade. 1.2m.

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Leontodon rigens

Leontodon rigens£4.50

Lush clumps of tropical-looking finely toothed green foliage produce clusters of golden yellow flowers in summer to 45cm. Drained but not dry soil in sun or light shade.

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Leonurus cardiaca

Leonurus cardiaca£4.50

Clumps of upright stems clad with attractive palmately lobed leaves and strong spikes of pink flowers in summer. Valuable insect plant and native. 1m. Average soil in sun or light shade.

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Leonurus cardiaca ex Cally Gardens

Leonurus cardiaca ex Cally Gardens£4.50

Clumps of upright stems with lobed slightly downy leaves produce slender spikes of pale pink flowers to 1.8m. The leaves become strongly flushed purple in summer/autumn. Good soil in sun/part shade.

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Liatris spicata 'Floristan Violett'

Liatris spicata 'Floristan Violett'£4.50

An excellent, floriferous florists selection of this American prairie plant. Spires of purple flowers in summer and good seedheads later. Drained soil in sun. 1m.

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Page 7 of 12:    297 Plants