Blog posts relating to the Hardy Geraniums that we grow and sell.

25 April 2016  |  Admin
Bloody Cranesbills!

Although The Plantsman’s Preference is known for growing a fairly comprehensive range of hardy geraniums there are some species and hybrid groups that we concentrate on more than others. The British native Geranium sanguineum (Bloody Cranesbill) and hybrids of the species with others is one of these specialisms.

12 February 2016  |  Admin

Geranium phaeum ‘Lady in Mourning’

This is a new cultivar name to replace Geranium phaeum ‘Mourning Widow’.

12 February 2016  |  Admin
Geranium psilostemon

Geranium psilostemon

This is the largest hardy species and well-known to many gardeners for its large magenta flowers with their black centres, putting on a good show mainly in June and July.

11 April 2013  |  Admin
Geraniums for evergreen groundcover

We took a rare day off yesterday and went for a look round the National Trust site at Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire. The one thing that really stuck in my mind in the garden was this lovely patch of Geranium macrorrhizum...

11 November 2012  |  Admin
November flowers

Even though we've had some frosts there are still a number of Geraniums in flower this weekend - the second in November.